Involved Care, simplified.

Careline partners with your practice to provide involved care support to prevent recurrence of wounds and ostomy site complications for your Medicare patients.

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Better engagement, better outcomes.

We’ve combined the latest in best practice care with our exclusive patient outreach technologies. We educate and engage your Medicare patients, monitoring for and altering you of issues between routine office visits or after discharge from a home health agency or wound care clinic.

Our chronic care management outreach is reimbursed to your office as complex CCM services, giving you a new revenue stream while positioning your patients for success.

Better patient outcomes come from close, involved management of chronic diseases such as COPD, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Ostomies and other wounds, when carefully monitored using our telehealth solution, are managed to prevent new problems.

Our exclusive solution, Chronic Care Engage, allows us to partner with your practice or clinic to streamline and provide improved quality of life for your Medicare patients with these and other chronic diseases.

Patients participate in their own wellness activities, and are given tailored education and care plans. All interactions are recorded in the patient’s EMR, allowing early alert of impending issues or patient non-compliance.

Integrating Careline allows you to continue to provide and expand your chronic care management offerings in a revenue-sharing partnership.

A comprehensive dashboard.

Everything comes together on the patient dashboard. Patient correspondence, historical data, and upcoming events. Analyze patient information quickly and easily as needed.