Chronic Care Management

Careline’s unique approach to wellness management.

You know that patients who take an active role in their own chronic care management are essential to their own successes.

A partnership with Careline enhances those successes, by providing patient education and preventative engagement via our unique telehealth communication and outreach system. We are a bridge between you and your patients. By identifying strategies and touch points on a patient’s approved care plan, we ensure ongoing communication and engagement.

Grounded in evidence-based medical care, we focus on prevention and early intervention. By interacting with your patients after discharge from home health agencies, wound care clinics, or between office visits, we focus on keeping patients healthy by helping them adhere to their health care management plan.

Sure, you can send a patient home with a list of care instructions, but that list that might be ignored or forgotten.

Connect a patient with Careline, and you can ensure healthy compliance, complete with EMR updates.

  • Patient monitoring of ostomy sites for changes and concerns.
  • Regular blood pressure, sugar, and/or or weight checks.
  • Self-examination and specific care at designated intervals to help prevent future diabetic wounds – or catch them quite early.
  • Suggesting and tracking meal or medicine intake.
  • Providing appropriate, customized exercise and diet advice and goals.

All telehealth communication services provided through Careline are reimbursed to your office, providing a supported revenue stream with no upfront investment.

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Physicians providing Optimal Outcomes in Partnership with Careline

Careline’s turnkey Chronic Care Management solution applies evidence based medical practices to your daily clinical practice and the care routines embedded in long term care facilities. Clinical questions are applied to your individual patient, patient base, and/or area of practice, easily integrating care management into your routines. For example:

  • “What’s the best option for reducing hospital readmissions?”
  • “Are we following current best practices for treating and/or monitoring ‘x’ condition?”
  • “Does the patient feel they’re taking a positive and engaged role in driving their treatment?

Acting as a seamless extension of your practice, or in conjunction with your long term care staff, we deliver enhanced levels of care for your chronically ill Medicare patients.

For Physicians

We work in concert with your physician practice
  • Highly experienced, certified clinical team
Perform all non-face-to-face care coordination
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