28% medicare patients are diabetic

25% will get a diabetic ulcer

60% will reoccur, ~12 months to heal

at a cost of

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention

80% of amputations start with a foot ulcer.

Careline is a bridge between you and your diabetic Medicare patients. As their wound heals, you can give them guidelines for prevention, but the recurrence rates and eventual amputation rates show that a further bridge to prevention is necessary.

Careline enables management, treatment, and prevention by bringing our unique blend of services to your Medicare patient population:

  • Certified WOCNs supporting your patients
  • Best evidence practices from:
    • The International Working Group on Diabetic Foot
    • World Union of Wound Healing Societies
    • Scholarly Publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Custom software and communications platform: Chronic Care Engage
  • Health Outcomes Worldwide how2trak Wound Care EMR

Careline constantly monitors your patients for changes to existing ulcers and clinical signs of impending ulcers. Our HIPPA compliant telehealth solution allows us to reach your patient via digital notifications, text, email, or phone calls. This can include:

  • Physical inspection of an existing ulcer using our communication portal, including digital measurements
  • Physical inspection of non-ulcerated feet using our communication portal
  • Retention of recorded information for physician review
  • Providing video conferencing to patient if needed

But Careline is more than snapping a picture and saving it for later. We constantly educate your patient about diabetes in an easy to learn, engaging way. Using frequent reminders, we ensure they understand the details required to care and prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

Diabetes is one of the only chronic care conditions recognized by CMS that provides a direct cost savings through strong prevention programs. By being proactive with care, your patients experience a better quality of life, reduce adverse outcomes, and can feel engaged in their overall health successes.

The telehealth communication provided by Careline allows your patients to receive an extension of your care through your office, seamlessly. Without adding personnel, you’re providing care through our revenue-sharing partnership, and positively impacting each patient’s health and overall quality of life.

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