How We Do It

Our unique blend of expertise, integrated software, and best practices care use top of the line software to compliantly connect your team and ours.

We reach out to your patients or long term care staff to provide disease monitoring and health assessments to manage chronic diseases, encourage optimal healing and care. Preventive care and active monitoring keeps everyone on the same page; small problems are less likely to become big problems.

In 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began a program to reimburse physicians for providing certain types of non-face to face care by skilled professionals under their direction. One of the goals of this plan was to provide a financial reimbursement to support a Chronic Care Management (CCM) plan for patients receiving care for two or more chronic conditions. Another goal was to try to bring down the number of recurring issues that might be better addressed by providing robust preventative care and monitoring of these patients.

In 2017, CMS expanded and simplified this program. Along with increasing the number of billing codes for CCM services, they simplified the mechanism for providing these services. As a result, Medicare patients with diabetes, and Medicare patients with some type of ostomy qualify for chronic care management services. Services that can break this cycle of recurrence.

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