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Long Term Care

Long Term Care with how2trak©

Your long term care Medicare clients and patients aren’t just another name on the chart to tick at rounds. You share stories and laughs, sorrows and joys. They may just need a little extra help in their day to day lives, or they may have long term needs that only you and your team can meet

A big part of that long term care means caring for their chronic needs. You may be managing a diabetic, watching for bedsores, or monitoring a patient’s specific balanced dietary needs.

When your facility links your staff with how2trak© and utilizing how2trak EMR, you have the ability to monitor and manage your patients’ care as a team. Track progress, watch for issues, and get remote medical advice from our caring (WOCN) Wound Ostomy Continence nurse professionals.

Our goal is to give you more time to care for your patient. When you do your checks using how2Trak, you know your patient’s records are quickly and accurately updated.

More than that, how2trak©:

  • Provides prompts for patient-specific checks.
  • Makes available advice tuned to each patient’s individual needs.
  • Captures critical data and photos, safely and securely, to help your team monitor the progress and state of an issue.
  • Enables HIPPA approved video conferencing with physician, Careline staff, and family.

Our three-pronged approach

Part One: Our Chronic Care Management programs.
Our unique mix of software applications allow you provide excellence in chronic care management in-house. Your nursing staff integrates our software into their daily routines, guiding patients through recovery from diabetic wounds, prevention of bedsores, and monitoring for any potential negative adverse situations.
Part Two: Links to electronic medical records.
We connected, compliantly, to each patient’s medical record. Records are updated quickly and accurately, with data and photos.
Part Three: Helping you help your patients
At the heart of all this is improving patient outcomes. When you seamlessly integrate your staff with how2track, you can spend more time focusing on optimal patient outcomes and a better quality of life for your long term care patients. Targeted approaches to watching, healing, and preventing gives immeasurable benefit to the quality of their lives and care.

Reach out to one of our how2trak© specialists to learn more today.