Physicians Care

Working in concert with your practice.

Once we’ve integrated with your practice, Careline provides increased patient engagement with minimal impact on your existing staff.

Our team uses a comprehensive and secure communications platform that incorporates text, email, phone outreach, and other methods of engagement. We work with your Medicare patients to ensure adherence to their approved care plan.

Every patient’s care plan, whether provided by you or crafted by Careline with your assistance, follows best practices guidelines. Details of each patient interaction is recorded and available in the patient’s electronic medical record, or provided via report.

We work with the patient, for you, to reduce high-cost outcomes such as hospital readmissions and emergency visits.

Connected Care: Physician Testimonial

Our Clinical Team

Our highly experienced, certified clinical team uses Careline’s Chronic Care Engage evidence-based platform to cultivate interactive self-monitoring on patient’s current health status with continuous verification of patient compliance.

We reach out to the patient, functioning as an extension of your practice. We use email to help educate your patient on their condition and what they can do to improve their quality of life. Personalized messaging motivates and supports patients, helping them reach predetermined health goals they set with you, their physician.

The interaction provided by Careline allows your patients to receive an extension of your care through your office, seamlessly. Without adding personnel, you’re providing care through our revenue-sharing partnership, and positively impacting each patient’s health and overall quality of life.

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